Monday, January 30, 2006

Seduction - Self Help Guide


Part 1 - SEDUCE

- moving around while shooting small talk at people. A must. Aim to do this in all sorts of settings. No excuses.
AURA OF SULTRINESS - picturing something arousing and letting that feeling influence your social vibe. Tends to cure shyness, and increase appeal.
TOUCH - use briefly underlining points during conversation, and more prolonged when romantic vibe increases. Only way to progress things.
INVITE - whenever positive vibes, invite people to go somewhere. "Lets sit over there!" "Lets dance!" "Lets get some fresh air!" "Lets get coffee!" "Im hungry - what food do you have at home?" Creates feeling of togetherness.


NUTRITION - aim for ca 80% animal foods. Eliminating veg. oils.
HEAVY LIFTING - do some strength training, but with a strong emphasis on avoiding injury and joint pain. Try finding a diverse mix of experts on youtube to follow.
POSTURE - avoid bench press and similar lifts if upper back is rounded. Form habit of head and shoulders pulled back, chest out and belly pulled in.

Green: Push forward. Red: Pull back.
-Washing: Scrub thoroughly with just water. Soap promotes fungal infection by removing the protective oils in the skin.
-Stubborn skin issues (shingles, warts, dandruff, seborrhea etc etc..): Soak with 5% vinegar until paler/whiter.
-Body hair: Use beard trimmer or dry-shave with dull razor.
-Consider getting a tan. Will benefit mood/health also, due to vit.D. 

-Buy clothes with things in mind:
1) Fit so displays your physique nicely. Especially jeans and tops/shirts! Aim for tight or elastic fit, and avoid busy patterns and other things that distract. 
2) Eye-catching? Especially shoes!

Eye catching. Emphasize physique.

3) Match style and color of other clothes you own?
4) Match the contrast level of your hair, skin and eyes? (If you have strong contrasts like pale skin with dark hair, you look better in high contrast or dark clothing.)


"I seem to quickly run out of stuff to talk about, or the conversation becomes unpleasantly dry/dull/boring." 
-Touch and invite. (Don't forget!)
-Focus on emotional side of things. Avoid answers, facts and explanations.
-Branch into new topics as often as possible.
-Talk to other people too. (Avoid 'hogging' a single person.)

"I get positive reaction when meeting people, but they often lose interest in talking to me." 

-Maybe you talk too much. Let others talk more.
-Maybe you stare too intensively. Relax more.

"There is one special person that I want to seduce. How can I tailor this to my situation?" 

-'Tailoring' is bad. Just follow the advice given already. Also, make sure you 'move on' if the interest is not mutual.

"I follow your guides now, and there still seems to be a consistent lack of interest for becoming more than friends, even when vibes are really good." 

-See part 2.

"I kinda freeze when I try to make myself talk to strangers. What if they laugh or get mad?" 
-You are way too slow! You must be more like "Bam, Bam, Bam!" Move faster. Say "Hi!" or "Wow!" AT ONCE when you see someone interesting. This is why its called 'shooting' small talk.